We are setting up a media archive system to support Social Entrepreneurship globally. The archive will include international news and film coverage of innovative initiatives that solve social challenges in pursuit of attaining the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.



There is no quick and easy free access to consolidated information and media coverage of Social Entrepreneurs and their diverse innovations and initiatives across the globe. Social Entrepreneurs’ solution-based projects will likely gain wider community support and achieve greater impact if their initiatives are highlighted in the media. Media houses currently do not have easy, instant access to media assets, such as press releases and photographs, to enable them to report on Social Entrepreneur’s initiatives and provide their audiences with updates on their progress. Broadcasters and film production houses also do not have easy, instant access to film footage and the licenses required to use the content.


We collect media assets from Social Entrepreneurs globally. All media assets will be curated, tagged and categorised, in order to be shared with news media and film production houses globally. Software will be used to analyse the media assets to identify synergies and any potential opportunities where solutions can be combined as a package.


We aim to provide media houses with access to a broad knowledge of social solutions that will help to shift news coverage to become more optimistic, hopeful and engaging. Social Entrepreneurs will benefit from the publicity, which will enable faster growth and lead to increased funding and expanded support networks. By combining many solutions and innovations we aim to accelerate involvement in social initiatives in order to attract impact funds, private equity and foundation donors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we want to achieve with that?

We want to encourage and support Social Entrepreneurship and help growing novel and established businesses that aim to solve problems in society, in communities, in the way issues are being dealt with. We want to reach out to risk takers that grow positive impacts in society whilst driving the economy forward.

Who can be part of Broadcast.org

We will put a spotlight on Social Entrepreneurship, which shines brightest with participation and contribution of many – That’s why we welcome all key decision-makers, social business owners and innovators to take part in our project to inspire and support entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs with knowledge and insights.

How will we reach our goal to implement social entrepreneurship as a commonly known and used practice?

Scientia potentia est – knowledge is power

We are going to roll out an awareness campaign to establish common knowledge and understanding about the topic. Further, we aim to raise and continuously increase awareness of our conference to spark political commitment and to inspire entrepreneurs. Due to information and insight sharing about Social Entrepreneurship and about broadcast.org, we plan on immensely changing the environment for noble entrepreneurs that can make our world a better place due to their courage and proactive approach.

How does the streaming platform Broadcast.org work for nominees?

Scientia potentia est – knowledge is power

For all nominees of our LinkedIn campaign, we provide free access to our video-on-demand platform (VOD) Broadcast.org. Broadcast.org was founded to provide an online space to share all media content around the topic of Social Entrepreneurship. We offer a video-on-demand platform for all Social Entrepreneurs, investors, organizations and foundations to increase visibility and awareness for the topic. To register and upload your video content free of charge, please click here.

What ist Social Entrepreneurship?

Social Entrepreneurship is defined as a form of organization, business, company or individual that was founded to solve social-, environmental-or community-based problems. Social Entrepreneurship aims to systematically and strategically pursue business practices that are economically profitable as well as creating a positive impact on the planetand/or the society.

What are we doing?

We are setting up a media archive system to support Social Entrepreneurship globally by putting the spotlight of international news and film coverage to innovation, solutions and initiatives addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Why do we care about Social Entrepreneurship

We know that we – our generation – are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the ones to change the way business is done for the greater good of all. We see the need to make business and entrepreneurship a social matter. We want to educate the broad mass of population through broadcast.org. about our mission, because we know we have to act now! the people and the planet need help, help from the brave that want to change the way business is done for the better. (Future) social entrepreneurs, mentors, key-decision makers, economic experts – together we can be the game changers of the 21st century.

What societal problem are we trying to solve?

There is no free to access consolidated information and media files about Social Entrepreneurs and their innovations and initiatives. Solutions by Social Entrepreneurs globally would have a greater impact by accelerated deployment and broader community support. News coverage do not have easy, instant access to media assets to report about progress made. Film productions do not have easy, instant access to film footage incl. licenses for use.

How do you adress this problem?

We collect media assets from Social Entrepreneurs globally. All media assets will curated, tagged and categorized, to SHARE it with news media and film productions. AI software will be used to analyze media assets and identify synergies and combination of solutions.

Why now?

Firstly, because we see the moment of need right now around the globe. The unresolved problems of the past play a crucial role especially now, a time of personal and financial losses. The earth and the people have suffered and will continue to suffer from such losses if social entrepreneurship cannot be upscaled. Therefore, Social Entrepreneurship has to become a common practice in our economy. We believe that we can increase economical growth and do healthy business, if we all top to bottom and bottom to top work together and learn from each other. We are here to provide the space for Social Entrepreneurs and the economy as we know it to grow, share, learn and improve – now is the time for change.