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May we ask you a few questions

about yourself and your organization? We ask you questions online via video and you can answer anytime on your laptop or smart phone. You can even record your answers (max. two minutes) beforehand with your camera or smart phone and then upload them. Our systems turn it into a finished video enriched with graphics and music. And you can embed it in your website or use it for your social media campaigns.

Are you a community platform or network?

Then we can create your own interview for your group. Be the interviewer of the interviews with your own questions. Use your logo, branding and support your community members with videos that can be embedded in websites and emails as they like. Our servers and systems are ready.

We can start right away with these questions:

1. What social change would you like to help solve?
2. What will the world look like if you succeeded?
3. What is your superpower?
4. Name three words: what would help you most right now?

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a good picture and sound.