Burning questions that motivate us to achieve this goal include:

  • Who will create the ideas, concepts and innovations needed to drive the changes for a better life and a better planet?
  • What if we knew about all solutions and innovations for the people?
  • What if we could collect all ideas that drive positive change and impact for people and planet?
  • What if we already have the answers to our most pressing issues?


We believe in responsible, impact focused entrepreneurs and the power they hold to solve some of the world’s greatest social challenges. We are inspired by the progress they are making to build businesses that matter and which are driving change to create a better world. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Social Entrepreneurs across the globe. There is also an ever-growing number of networks and initiatives that are emerging and a huge need to learn more about these businesses, to connect, create opportunities with and support them. These Social Entrepreneurs are creative people who care more about their cause than for personal financial profit.

But where is the central place to meet them, learn about them and discover their needs.


at Broadcast.org is to build this place, a platform, a stage where impact focused entrepreneurs can share their vision and journey with a wider audience to outline what they need to grow. Our service is committed to building the largest curated and structured media content platform for impact entrepreneurs, providing a space where they can share their mission, inspire and connect with the world to turn their vision into reality. Our platform serves all existing networks with media content and services.

We believe in each one who gets up in the morning and lives for their ideas to make the world a better place. They are our heroes, our role models, who can inspire us to join in and take part.

We believe that by building the stage for social innovators we can significantly boost their impact by making their voice heard and their work seen.

We invite you to join us

in building this platform that will bring together interviews, documentaries, education, portraits, searchable solutions and innovations.