Business Plan

Our purpose is to build the stage for impact (social) entrepreneurs. We will always make it free for impact entrepreneurs to introduce their business on We believe that we can maximize, scale and impact best via a „for-profit“ approach. As founders we commit to reinvesting at least 90% of all operational cashflow to scale and improve the platform. With increasing content (founder und influencer interviews and company profiles) we will see an increasing amount of traffic from SEO, affiliates/links, partners and some SEA. This enables us to monetize the platform creating a version of the „online classifieds“ monetization model combined with an innovative content licensing model for broadcasters.


Answer our automated video interview and receive a link/embed for your own animated, personalized videoclip.

PREMIUM – Seeding position in search results

Impact entrepreneurs and companies will be offered a suite of options to become more visible including more and additional content beyond the free video interviews. Additionally seeding on top of search results, a preferred position and repetition in the streaming sequence of a „live feed“, additional detailed information provided about the company and its needs, access to special channels for investors and other business partners. We envision developing and launching a premium plus tier will further position companies to be in our content licensing channel that serves News stations, Radio and TV and other Broadcast and streaming providers e.g. for documentaries. Entrepreneurs selecting this option will be on the shortlist of companies featured for specific broadcast opportunities, interviews in shows, etc.


We are designing with an advanced automated content licensing feature that facilitates any broadcaster‘s need for content featuring impact entrepreneurs.


We will include relevant and suitable „sponsoring“ of 5, 10, 15 seconds clips preceding the content / interviews. Sponsoring will be filtered and selected based on rules fitting the purpose of


Companies that have a commercial benefit from accessing the Plattform pay for their preferred access. Specifically we aim to charge a subscription fee for investors for enhanced data analytics and research.


Applying trending and insights analytics from the activity on will allow us to provide specific information. In addition to the above we are actively seeking growth partners that are aligned and committed to our purpose of building the stage for impact entrepreneurs. We seek co-creation and co-scaling partners that are willing to provide grants and business partnerships for mutually beneficial entrepreneurial impact acceleration.