Barriers for Social Entrepreneurs

The problems we address

Awareness Gap

Currently, there is no international platform for social entrepreneurship, solving the lack of awareness on social initiatives supporting ESG and SDG.

Funding and Media Gap

Impact investors, corporations, NGOs, news and TV outlets are struggling to find social entrepreneurs to invest, sponsor and learn from

Content and Data Gap

News agencies have no easy access for curated social innovation media content.
Most Social Entrepreneurs and their innovations are not identified, found, listed.

Our audacious approach:

Activity streams for our goals

TV Promotion Shows in every city / region

A new global TV show about Social Entrepreneurs and social innovations
will add interactive elements for in-room and digital audience engagement. Entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to present their ideas in return for mentorship, collaborations, partnerships and funding.

Data Analytics Reports, Trends, Insights

Our metadata allows for decision-makers to run analytics and research for critical impact investment related opportunities.
A yearly report on social entrepreneurship trends and statistics will be created and sold with relevant insights on SDG progress

Finding every Social Entrepreneur

Through Partnerships and our automated video interview solution we can use viral online tools and have Social Entrepreneurs find other entrepreneurs. Contests, awards and recognition will ignite stakeholders to be part and help grow the database and revenue.

Media Platform Social Innovation “Netflix

Using curated media assets (user generated content and original productions we collect, host and categorize videos. Subscription plans (free and premium) and professional content licensing will drive revenue.

Pitching Show Events 2.0 – Scalable

TV Promotion Show
in every city / region


  • This program will be packaged and scaled internationally. Local stakeholders everywhere can produce their own show in their own municipality and connect to our broadcast services.
  • The detailed event design will be provided as open source for free.
    It will guide the organizers through all aspects to plan the event.
  • will broadcast the event live via OTT and record it. All recorded material will be housed on the media platform for free on demand access.
  • A jury of local sustainability experts will listen, ask, mentor, advice and support the intentions of the presenting entrepreneurs.
  • Anybody can access, watch and participate in person or digitally and engage in real time crowdsourcing (micro funding, in-kind funding, advice, tips, connections, collaborations, etc.) for the people on stage.

Our Broadcast Center

Local Events – digital real-time
engagement and distribution

“Show me numbers”

Data, Analytics
& Research

With enough data about Social Entrepreneurship, their solutions,
their needs, their SDGs, their size and regions we can effectively run
research and make connections that otherwise would never surface.

1. Create heat maps

For example:
Show SDG activity on world map

2. Data research

For example:
Find solutions on SDG 6 in South America plus keyword (e.g. “vertical farming”)

3. Create market reports

We can produce reports showing trends, analysis on social innovations by different attributes.

The Vision that guides us

Why now? Why us?


Firstly, because we see the moment of need right now around the globe. The unresolved problems of the past play a crucial role especially now, a time of personal and financial losses. The earth and the people have suffered and will continue to suffer from such losses if social entrepreneurship cannot be upscaled.
Therefore, Social Entrepreneurship has to become a common practice in our economy. We believe that we can increase economical growth and do healthy business, if we all work together and learn from each other. We are here to provide the space for Social Entrepreneurs and the economy as we know it to grow, share, learn and improve – now is the time for change. has the first-mover advantage, as no social innovation media platform or television program exist that scales in-person events and applies real time crowd sourcing today to connect social entrepreneurs with the decision-makers.
Our vision is to create an OTT television channel utilizing interactivity with the audience for supporting social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship, in addition to offering broadcast-ready social innovation media content to existing TV networks and news agencies.
The founders are ideally equipped with experience and successes throughout their career in the area media, change, M&E, private equity, platform and proven ability to deliver.

This cannot be done alone

Existing Collaborations