Senior Executive and Advisor, Board Member, active investor, expert in ESG Scaling and co-founder of He has held leadership positions in global tech corporations and e-commerce companies, such as Apple, Amazon and Scout24.
Today, he uses his extensive knowledge and experience to focus on positive change and sustainable growth. He drives the value chain through customer-centric innovation in B2C and B2B and accelerated growth with ESG performance. The assessment of ESG characteristics is based on three key criteria: Environment, Social and Governance. These include measurable values such as climate protection, clean  technologies, employee health and safety, transparency, integrity and business ethics. ESG value is increasingly becoming currency for stable and organically growing companies.


Social Entrepreneur, Change Management expert and founder of, the global media network for social impact entrepreneurs. During his professional career as a management consultant, he dealt a lot with business transformation and change processes. He believes in change management on the focus on people, dignity and respect. Values that he has been bringing to his social start-up as a founder since the fall of 2020. One of‘s first products is the automated creation of professional videos, enriched with effects, sound and image material, in which social entrepreneurs can introduce themselves and network. Portraits, interviews, documentaries and innovations create automated data flows and thus form the digital library of tomorrow‘s solutions. Because we need more companies that put purpose before profit and create scalable business models with innovative ideas, contributing to education, health, the environment and sustainability.